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"The cave's primary use had been as a quarry, which functioned for about 400-500 years.

But other findings definitely indicate that the place was also used for other purposes, such as a monastery and possibly as a hiding place," Prof. The main question that arose upon discovering the cave was why a quarry was dug underground in the first place. This is a Byzantine mosaic map that was found in Jordan and is the most ancient map of the Land of Israel.

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The Mäanderhöhle cave near Bamberg was previously regarded as an archaeological sensation.

It was thought to contain some of the oldest cave art in Germany. Manot is a karstic cave in the North of Israel, very close to the Lebanese border.

If our assumption is correct, then the Byzantine identification of the place as the biblical Gilgal afforded the site its necessary reverence and that is also why they would have dug an underground quarry there," Prof. "But" he adds, "much more research is needed." Archaeologists have found a cave that previously contained Dead Sea scrolls, which were looted in the middle of the 20th Century.

Scholars suggest the cave should be numbered as Cave 12, along with ...

As with other discoveries in the past, this exposure is shrouded in mystery.

They typically organize events through private Facebook groups which could have up to tens of thousands of members.

While the aim of AMBW groups truly do provide a safe space for two of the most marginalized members in society, some argue that it promotes fetishization of a particular race.

These two groups are celebrating each other.” Schwartz, who’s half white and half asian, says that the New York meetup group usually has events multiple times a week.

The activities during meetups range from going to restaurants and movie night to going on a boat or apple picking.

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