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This is a hike for singles, presumably for one person to meet and impress another. Carlo met a few women here, who he later took out to eat but not hike. Flowers bloom along the way ­ vinca, marsh marigold, spring beauties, rue anemone. He's met a woman from a hiking group before and did go hiking with her, but the fling came to an end.

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She comes on these hikes because she's a member of the Sierra Club.

The path crosses the orange trail, the blue, the yellow, the white, and back across green, the sierra trail, up through the pine groves and out at a pavilion. With a group this size, it's difficult to step off the trail when nature calls, so we take advantage of all facilities. What is it that makes people want to do a group hike?

A few fast hikers leave and some begin the hike here, for the range of abilities spans the limits and most are accommodated. Don Carlo from Bloomfield comes on the singles hikes because he's always looking, he says, and it's a little exercise.

The man she met five months ago and continues to see is the group leader, Patrick.

She wasn't looking for a date when she met him, but had just wanted to socialize.

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