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A 2008 American Psychological Association report concurs: “Despite the public perception that sex offenders are strangers stalking playgrounds and other areas where children congregate, the majority of offenses occur in the victim’s home or the home of a friend, neighbor, or relative.” A 2008 Justice Department study examined recidivism among sex offenders before and after the law requiring community notification.“Megan’s Law showed no demonstrable effect in reducing sexual re-offenses,” it concluded.“We’re not going to know how many kids were not molested or groomed for later sexual contact as a result of this law,” he told The New York Times.California, known as the second-harshest state for sex offenders after Florida, has the highest number of people in its sex-offender registry.

“If you want to reduce child abuse and domestic violence, the solution is to enhance the economic standing of women and children” so that they could more easily leave abusers.According to the California Sex Offender Management Board, the number of homeless registrants has increased 217 percent, to 6,500, over the past eight years.Lancaster, the George Mason professor, says the criminal-justice system should overhaul how it approaches sex offenses.That fear keeps some potential assailants from confiding in therapists or seeking treatment, says Extein of the Center for Sexual Justice, who has worked as a therapist with convicted sex offenders.Supporters of registering and limiting the movement of paroled sex offenders, including Tony Rackauckas, one of the first district attorneys in California to support countywide child-safety zones, however, are not persuaded by these arguments and say the registries do prevent attacks.

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