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This kind of erotic improv is the perfect low-pressure way to build on one another’s desires; so when the time comes to bring that real unicorn home, you know a lot more about how to make everyone’s fantasies come true.

Erotic role play provides the chance to get in touch with different aspects of your sexual identity, and you don't need expensive costumes to do it.

Communication is at the heart of every sexual connection.

One of the biggest themes I wanted to emphasize with that project was that every technological innovation is a tool for belonging.Imagine someone you’re really digging on leaning in to murmur in your ear, “I’m having a really great time with you and I really want to take you home tonight.” Think about how much fun it is to instruct someone exactly how you want them to give you head.Practice being assertive, asking questions, and giving guidance in order to get on the same gloriously satisfying page with your partners.Sex is about action, and the best dirty talk is a call to action.Your favorite dirty verbs could be evocative smut (my favorite, for example, is screw), or a nuanced expression of how you like it: “Pound me!

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