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Then, for what seemed like an eternity, I fucked her beautiful mouth — at first with a slow pace but gradually intensity as this erotic moment consumed all my sanity. Her moans and cries grew in tempo and passion whilst I as well grunted with uncontrolled pleasure. I hadn’t felt such carnal delight for years, and of course Bella’s once virgin cunt was now being pumped again and again in a way she never knew possible. Screw me like I’m your wife, your lover, your whore.” Blushing a little when she said the last word Bella was taken aback by the increased vigour of her dad’s thrusts. Gonna show you what happens to slutty girls like you when they make daddy all horny and need to fuck your tight teen cunt! ” Bella wailed and simpered, her legs thrashing round my back as she felt the throbbing cock piston into her cunt.Bella’s tongue rubbed my cock over and over, and then with my surprised acceptance she let me probe further. ” “Goddamn, I love you, wanted you for so long, need your dick dad. After about 3 or 4 minutes the we had finally tossed aside all nervousness and worry about the taboo we were breaking. She wondered to herself whether she wasn’t just her father’s lover and daughter. The thought both thrilled and shamed her, and almost immediately she began to squeeze my prick with her cunt. ” I let forth a gush of lewd chat as I punched into my daughter’s cunt again and again with my prick. It was as if every restraint, every barrier, every hang up that had been delaying her development into a sexual being were being destroyed on the same bed she once slept in snuggled up to her teddy bears.Before she was fully conscious of the action, Bella was taking my cock deeper into her throat — only the best oral pleasure that the most experienced fucking whore could manage. We were fucking like rabbits on heat, and it was amazing. “I want to feel you cling to me as I fuck your cunt.” Bella panted as she agreed. The glans repeatedly smacked into the slick clitoral hood when I drew it out then pushed it back into Bella’s pussy. The man who was responsible for liberating her was the same man who had brought her up to be a good girl, had given her all the love a child could ever hope for.I looked deep into her eyes, so proud of my little darling. Then the shaft grew fatter, harder, thicker with every push into her snatch. Now Bella needed something more fulfilling and definitely more adult.Sandra Romain – Megapack Sandra Romain was born in Timisoara Romania on March 26, 1978.

Her lips mashed together with mine and then she drifted down on her knees with my erect cock front and center to her face. ” My daughter ran her fingernails down my back whilst she had her cunt pumped with ever increasing depth and vigour by my dick. The sheets and pillows were strewn around by the two squirming bodies, and the room reverberated to our dirty chat. You’re my little fuck slut baby, daddy’s teasing horny slutty daughter.

I wanted my daughter to experience all I could give her. The sloppy tight grip that kept me and my offspring welded together, cock in cunt was growing more intense, more heated. You want to make a sister or brother for me with me? People will talk, will ask questions.” I drew back a little, although my own unspoken need to plant my built up cum into my daughter was warping my sense of right, of social responsibility. “Oh god…I don’t know sweetheart.” “I want your baby. Fertilize your daughter, your little Bella’s pussy, make my tummy big with our baby. My scrotum tightened and then I felt the pulse of my cum speed up through my loins, through my dick to splash wetly, hotly inside my daughter.

Through partly hooded eyes Bella looked up into my face, a few beads of sweat forming on my wrinkled forehead as I kept up the frantic fucking. ” My eyebrows arched as I looked down at the flushed face of my daughter, fucking her whilst looking for her thoughts behind the latest request. ” Bella squirmed and sighed, feeling her father push meself into her with a couple of deliberate and deep thrusts. See my tummy swell with a baby you plant inside me? Like a high pressure hose my cock spewed forth millions of microscopic sperm in thick salty globs of semen.

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