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He claimed that these dilutions, when prepared according to his technique of 'potentization' using dilution and succussion (vigorous shaking), were still effective in alleviating the same symptoms in the sick.His more systematic experiments with dose reduction really commenced around 1800-1 when, on the basis of his 'law of similars,' he had begun using Ipecacuanha for the treatment of coughs and Belladonna for scarlet fever.

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And that with our health, we are able to focus on the higher purpose of our existence.

Hahnemann believed that other astringent substances are not effective against malaria and began to research cinchona's effect on the human body by self-application.

Noting that the drug induced malaria-like symptoms in himself, he concluded that it would do so in any healthy individual.

He eventually made a living as a translator and teacher of languages, gaining further proficiency in "Arabic, Syriac, Chaldaic and Hebrew".

After one term of further study, he graduated MD at the University of Erlangen on 10 August 1779, qualifying with honors.

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