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The notion of "revelation" is central to three of the major world religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Through Christianity in particular it has long been an important element in the religious thought of the West, and the present entry will treat it in this context, especially that of Christian theology.

Natural theology comprises all those truths about God, and about the created universe in its relation to God, that can be arrived at by human reasoning without benefit of divine revelation.

Accordingly, the core of natural theology consists in the traditional philosophical arguments for the existence of God.

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1787); and in a similar vein, in the twentieth century, the Protestant evangelist Dr.That God is at work in a certain situation, which accordingly serves a revelatory purpose, is always a judgment of religious faith.The part played by faith is thus integral to the total event of revelation, if we use "revelation" to refer to the completed communication that occurs when God's approach has met with a human response.Accordingly, in the words of the Catholic Encyclopedia, "Revelation may be defined as the communication of some truth by God to a rational creature through means which are beyond the ordinary course of nature" (Vol. A particular conception of the nature of revelation involves a particular conception of the nature of faith, as man's response to revelation; of the Bible and its inspiration, as a medium of revelation; and of the character of theological thinking, as thought that proceeds on the basis of revelation. Indeed, throughout considerable periods of Christian thought the Scriptures have been called the Word of God and have been virtually identified with revelation.When revelation is conceived as the divine disclosure of religious truths, faith is necessarily understood as the obedient believing of these truths. The Bible is accordingly thought of as being ultimately of divine authorship; it has been written by human beings, but in the writing of it, their minds were directed by the Holy Spirit.

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