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ice-hole, a hole cut in the ice ( for the purpose of drawing up water or fishing).

clear-sighted, persi)icacious, provi- dent, circumspect; —lai, adv.

ferrule, chape (of a scabbard, etc.) Antgalvis, -io sm.

ofa duck; belonging or pertaining to a duck ; anatine.

snmewhat early, little too early; II premature; —kai, adv.

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to lay, put or place upon; to put one thing upon the other.

Mėlynasis akmenėlis, sulphate of cop- per, blue vitriol.

Akmenine Šir- dis, a stonj^-heart, a pitiless person.

an unceremonious or blunt person; one who says a thing to one's face; a saucy fellow.

ox-fly, gad-fly; breeze; II {vulg.) a blind fellow; dolt, block- bead.

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