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Lots of Aztec influence this time, cool world building.48 beeg: Actually, they do all end up relating to each other in the end.

Last First Snow is a prequel of sorts to Two Serpents Rise AND Three Parts Dead (it's about Caleb's father and Elaine Kevorkian and the Red King).

If I had to nitpick this felt pretty close to his last one.17 The Witches of Lychford Paul Cornell Ugh, I have no idea how this ended up in my Kindle looks like a misclick. Never mind it followed on the heels of John Connolly.18 The Dressmaker Rosalie Ham Loved this! I love Cinderella stories esp with fashion and a bitchy ending.

I would tell someone to watch the movie first so they can get a great visual of the book.19 Child of Flame Kate Elliot Dayum, this book took forever to get through. In other acoomplishments the garden is ready for planting and I planted two more crepe myrtles, two azaleas and one navel orange tree.20 The Gathering Storm Kate Elliott Geez another book that was work to get through.

still scratching my head over the ending - was she?

2 Night Film Marisha Pessi Loved this, totally enjoyed the hell out of it.

I made this a priority to finish as it was taking too long.10 Lies, Damned Lies, and History (The Chronicles of St.Mary's Series) Jodi Taylor I had some serious laugh out loud moments, this is probably my favorite or close to it book so far.Ok, Top Ten books for 2016 in no particular order1 Head full of Ghosts Paul Tremblay Love this too, couldn't put it down.i would get put off by the disjointed parts but then got sucked back in.

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