Angie gallant dating sim

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For those who enjoy otome games (VNs and dating sims targeted towards girls), Hatoful Boyfriend is well worth trying.There is a certain novelty in playing a game where the love interests are birds, but I think it can stand enough on its own merits.Through the course of the school year, she falls in love with somebirdie and explores the mystery and charm of their particular story. Pigeo Nation Institute, a regal school in Japan that teaches gifted birds from around the world.Due to the H5N1 virus wiping out about 70% of the human race, Hiyoko has little choice but to attend the school.Though if you reach certain conditions, there are a few routes where things get dark and serious.While the art, music and backgrounds are mostly Creative Commons assets, it has a lot of charm and is like a love letter to dating sims with its own comedic tone and sudden dramatic twists.

The text is infrequently stiff and gameplay is simple; however, it’s worth the small price and a few hours of your time.If you’re still undecided, Angie Gallant’s Let’s Play of the full game has swayed many opinions.Introducing Hatoful Boyfriend: a visual novel from Hato Moa, the creator of this gorgeous (and ever-so-slightly nuts) avian series. I love the PS Vita and I think it’s easily the best Play Station system ever.Some routes leave little suspense but can still be fun.Others are rather complicated and can be a sudden change in the game’s general light-hearted tone.

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